Student Email

Accessing Student Email on the web

Go to and log in using your network ID and password. There are also links to this site at the bottom of every WSU Vancouver webpage under Current Students (in the footer) as well as within MyWSU.

Setting up Student Email on an iPhone

  1. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Tap Add Account
  3. Choose Exchange
  4. Enter your email address, which is your network ID .  Note that your email changed from in summer 2015, and depending on what your email address was at that time, the part before the @ might have changed as well.
  5. Enter your network ID password (the same one you use to log in to or campus computers)
  6. Tap Next. The account should verify and you should begin receiving email

Setting up Student Email on an Android phone

  1. Locate your default email app, or download one from the Google Play Store. Note that the Outlook and Office 365 apps are blocked for security reasons.
  2. When prompted to set up a new account, enter your email address (your network ID If it doesn't automatically prompt you to create the account, first look in the app's settings and choose "Add Account"
  3. If you are asked to choose an account type, pick "Exchange"
  4. Enter your network ID password (the same one you use to log in to or campus computers)
  5. If it asks for the server, enter
  6. Choose the account options you desire (sync frequency, whether to sync contacts, download attachments over wifi, etc)

Note: These are general instructions. There are many variations in interface and software functionality. If the above instructions do not work for you, we'll be happy to help in person (VCLS 219), through email, or by phone - (360) 546-9770.


If the above steps don't work, re-try typing in your password. Also, be sure that you have a good internet connection while setting it up.