Faculty/Staff Email

Account Creation

Faculty/Staff email accounts are created during the Network ID creation process. After the Network ID is created, you should see a link on the page for creating your email account. After clicking the link, your account should be ready for use in a few minutes.

Accessing your account

Webmail: You may access your account through Outlook Web Access (webmail) on any computer by going to https://connect.wsu.edu and logging in with your network ID and password.


  • Windows: On a campus computer that is connected to Active Directory (meaning you log in to the computer with your network ID and password), Outlook should automatically configure itself correctly based on your login to the computer. On computers that are not connected to Active Directory (usually laptops or home computers), follow these instructions.
  • Mac: Launch Outlook, go to Tools>Accounts, choose Exchange or Office 365, then enter these settings:
    • Email address: enter your @wsu.edu email address
    • Method: Username and Password
    • Username: enter your @wsu.edu email address
    • Password: enter your Network ID password

    Click Add Account and then close the accounts window. Your email should start flowing!

  • iOS and android The Outlook app only works for student email at this time.

Mail (Mac OS): Add a new account, choose Exchange, then add your email address and password. That's it!

Mail (iOS): go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Exchange, then enter your email address and password. Click Next. In the additional fields, enter "connect.wsu.edu" for server, "ad" for domain, your email address for Username, then click Done. That should do it!

Android Many different Android mail readers exist. Instructions for connecting with the Gmail app coming soon